Are you a redhead? Did you know that all redheads are related? Yeah, I didn’t either until I saw this article on how Scotland DNA discovered that everybody with red hair is a direct descendent of the first person who had the red-hair gene. Considering how bizarrely prevalent bullying is for kids with ginger hair, it’s unsurprising that this announcement is part of a campaign to decrease the torment these children face simply as a result of their DNA.

Being cruel to people based on their looks (or anything else, really) is an awful thing to do and says far worse things about the person hurling insults than the one receiving them. However, knowing this does little to change the pain that kids often experience when insulted by their peers. That sort of stress is rarely quick to go away and can stretch into adulthood, causing longterm insecurities.

We at The Gloss are a fan of all types of beauty and definitely opposed to bullying of any sort, particularly toward kids. So, if you happen to have a red-hair gene and are wondering which wonderful people out there are apparently related to you, here are just 10 of ’em.

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