Halloween is one of the best nights of the year, but it also brings out a whole lot of awful in the world. From sketchy teenagers to angry bar people to people who put their dog’s in blatantly uncomfortable costumes, this is a holiday wherein the celebrating can go very, very wrong. Here are just a few of those people who ruin it for everybody.

1. That guy who’s wearing a “this is my costume” shirt.

Yo, buddy, you totally paid for that so clearly you made some sort of an effort to look like you refuse to make an effort.

2. That couple that wants entirely too much appreciation for their cutesy couples costume.

I GET IT, YOU ARE ADORABLE. (Okay, but these pugs are actually adorable.)

3. That girl whose costume wings keep hitting everybody on the dance floor.

4. That person who keeps complaining how crowded all the bars are on a holiday but insists all his friends stay at the bars.

5. That guy who uses Halloween as an excuse to inappropriately scare random people.

Dude. You are not amusing. You are terrifying.

6. People who smash other people’s pumpkins. :(

(Seriously, there is a special place in hell for you.)

7. People who don’t care that their dogs are clearly uncomfortable with costumes.

8. That one guy at the party who won’t stop coming up to you and your friends while catcalling you by your costume’s name.

9. That one guy at the party who just won’t stop coming up to you, period.

10. People who wear masks.

Okay, okay, that’s probably just me and my irrational fears.

11. That one person who shows up to public places in incredibly inconvenient costumes for everyone around them.

12. Those stupid theater kids who refuse to break character.

(Note: Obviously, Drag Race isn’t full of stupid theater kids, but this GIF does sum up stupid theater kids’ reactions to inexplicably “performing” in a room full of unamused fellow partygoers pretty well.)

13. The guy who just had to dress as a vagina and thinks it’s hilarious.

14. Those people who complain all night about every “slutty” costume.

Seriously, the Internet already did that for you for the past month and a half. STFU.

15. That creepy person who uses their cute costume as an excuse to solicit hugs.

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