It occurs to me that every “shocking expose” or article about the modeling industry I have ever read – in the past 15 years – touches on one of the following 20 themes. See if you can come up with any I haven’t hit.

1) They don’t look like that in real life.


3) Models consume very few calories compared to most people.

4) Models will order cheeseburgers when out with reporters to make #3 seem not true. In spite of this, models consume very few calories compared to most people.

5) Sometimes, models have eating disorders.

6) If you are young and beautiful, a lot of people will give you drugs. FOR FREE.

7) Models often look good in clothes that will not look good on you.

8) No matter how many times Kate Moss does drugs, she will be forgiven.

9) Sometimes beautiful young models date ugly, rich old men.

10) Everyone would like to work with Karl Lagerfeld

11) Models work in conditions of extreme heat or cold.

12) Sometimes, models are put in dangerous situations.

13) Models have parents.

14) Runways are hard to walk down, and slippery!

15)  My goodness, photographers really can be creepy

16) Naomi Campbell seems to make shockingly bad decisions.

17) Models really don’t get paid that very much.

18) When she was growing up, everyone thought she was uuugggllllyyyy.

19) Cindy Crawford is [insert Cindy Crawford’s age right now]

20) Modeling is not as glamorous as it is made out to be.