Mad Men is going to end, and it’s going to be awful. The Walking Dead is the only thing that could ever make up for it. Are you psyched? Get psyched. Why? Here’s why:

1) Because zombies are the best movie monster ever, because movies about zombies are just movies about how humans interact with each other in times of crises. Look, imagine a book written from the perspective of a vampire. It’s called “everything Anne Rice ever wrote.” And, blah, blah, Lestat is hot, blah, blah, Louis doesn’t wanna kill no more. Whatever. Imagine a book written from the perspective of a werewolf (there must be something in that Twilight book all the kids are reading). A ghost (Casper). The Devil himself (Paradise Lost). Okay, imagine a book written from the perspective of a zombie. It just goes “brains, brains, brains” right? Zombies are nothing. The humans are everything. The show will be all about what humans do in stressful situations, which is way more interesting than any monster could ever be.

2) Because it’s based off a comic book by Robert Kirkman, which is cool.

3) Because zombie movies – or any post-apocalyptic movies, really – are mostly just escapist fantasies. It’s how you’d get to behave if there were no rules. Like being on vacation. If your vacation happened to take place in hell.

4) Because it’s AMC, and the worst thing they’ve made so far is Rubicon, and it wasn’t really that bad.

5) Because, zombie makeovers, that’s why.