Recently, we broke the news* that a candy conversation heart been printed in error, and contained the not-so-PG message “Nice Tits.”

We thought it was hilarious, but of course we got very serious when w found out that it was a 12-year-old girl who discovered the offending confection.

However, we stand by our suggestion that there should be a bag of naughty candy conversation hearts available, and here are five things we ‘d like to see on those hearts:

  1. Let’s Bone
  2. Full Bush
  3. Go Fuck Yourself (good for handing out in bars)
  4. Cockblock (also good for handing out in bars)
  5. I’d Like To Have Sex With No Strings Attached But That Doesn’t Mean You Can Be A Complete Fuckwad On Your Way Out The Door (this might require a slightly bigger heart…literally and figuratively)

*To say that we broke the news might be a little bit of an exaggeration