My best guy friend has started doing yoga. He’s actually doing it to work out as much as he is to meet chicks, but he has a couple of pet peeves about classes. He thinks yoga is designed to be more welcoming for women than it is for men. Here’s his reasoning.  Do you agree or disagree?

  • Why is it in a hot room? It’s not bikram yoga, it’s just the regular kind. It should not be hot in there! I’m sweating enough already, let’s not make it worse.
  • Stop telling me to relax. If you have to keep saying it over and over again, especially in that stupid high pitched hippie-wannabe voice, I will never fucking relax.
  • I get that you’re touching me or whatever because I might pull a muscle and am standing in some weird painful position, but please keep your hands away from my junk if you don’t want me to look like a perv. Those yoga pants do not leave a lot to the imagination, OK?
  • Yes, I know I’m the only guy. But could you please not mention it? It’s one thing to be The Guy, but I don’t want to be That Guy.
  • No chanting. Chanting is weird. I signed up for a yoga class, not a cult meeting.