A lot has been written about how to attract people of the opposite sex using information gleaned from research. And if I were a researcher, I’d probably want to study the exact same thing — because what could be more interesting than awkward human interaction that doesn’t involve you?

That said, here are five ways to attract men using proven scientific methods, based on our collective (read: my) years of reading about science and about dating.

  1. Smile. Study after study has shown that people in general are more attracted to other people’s smiling faces.
  2. Make eye contact…repeatedly. Men have been proven to find women attractive who they think find them attractive…and to not realize that women are checking them out until they are beaten over the head with it.
  3. Tilt your head. This one was new to me.
  4. Wear vanilla perfume. Dudes are suckers for vanilla.
  5. Wear a sexy lab coat. Get it?!