Would you ever even consider jeopardizing love for your career, or is that just not how you work? For some, career and work trumps all and love, although just as, if not even more important, falls second. Sometimes it’s consciously, other times it’s deliberate.

In the CBS Films movie, The Words, writer Rory Jansen (played by the always gorgeous Bradley Cooper) is not only forced to face the consequences of stealing another man’s work, but also how it affects his relationship with his wife Dora (played by the lovely Zoe Saldana.) With the idea of what is truly most important in this short life, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite movies where the protagonist is forced to choose between love and work. Sometimes the ending isn’t always the one you want, but either way a lesson is learned and the next time around you’ll know to choose differently. Everyone needs a priority check from time to time.




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