As someone who spends the majority of her life in a fantasy world surrounded by bunnies and sparkles, I thought it only appropriate to dig through my favorite Christmas movies and decide which female characters I’d love to be. It’s also Christmas Day, so we might as well milk this thing before moving on to New Year topics.

Although I would have liked to include the leg lamp from A Christmas Story among the characters I think I’d be great in portraying (I mean, the lamp is pretty much the star of the show), considering the fact that it doesn’t have any speaking lines, I figured I’d pass. I also knew that I’d never look that good in fishnets, so really, why totally stretch it? At least with the other characters I’ve chosen, there’s still a chance for me to be them someday in real life. Yes, that’s right, I still have the chance to be the girlfriend of a real live elf named Buddy, and this is, by no means, a delusion.