If you so choose to vote, whether it’s for the hot guy Obama, Romney (ahem) or any other candidate and initiatives on the ballot, you will probably breathe a sigh filled with a combination of anxiety and relief. The tension will come with fears of the election not going your way; the relief will be a result of knowing that instead of approximately eight million political TV campaigns, Internet ads and lawn signs, we can all go back to Sham-Wow infomercials and porn pop-ups. Finally.

Depending on where you live, voting might be extremely frustrating. Or, if you live in a very small suburban town like myself, it may be less frustrating. Either way, you deserve to relax after waiting in long lines and trying not to get irritated at the assholes behind you that keep muttering, “You’d have to be a total fucking idiot to vote for _____” as though it might swing some votes (spoiler alert: it won’t, dude).

Pic via Warner Bros.