It's so fluffy!

Ladies, admit it—looking great takes time, effort, and energy. We can attest, how we left looking in the morning is typically not how we return at night. But that’s no excuse for you to fall victim to your hair style to fall flat. You may not have your own personal glam squad trailing you all day, but this expert advice can ensure you, and your hairstyle, look fabulous—even during your longest days.

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Put Your Energy Into A Great Cut

You’ve heard the saying: everything isn’t for everybody. “Your lifestyle and personal style should ultimately influence the type of haircut you select,” explains Jennifer Penny, a stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon. “Talk to your stylist about cuts that work with how you prefer to style your hair everyday, whether it’s air drying, using an iron to polish waves, etc. Seek someone who can give you some tips on what to do at home to easily change it up.”


Pump Up The Volume

“When blow drying hair, work a bit of mousse into the roots of your crown section,” shares Glam&Go hair stylist, Adonica Torres. “Then, using a round brush, blow your hair in the opposite direction you want it to fall [i.e. If you want to part right, blow left]. You can also set your sections with a roller or pin clip while your hair is still warm, and remove the items after your hair is completely cooled for added volume.”


Resist The Urge to Wash

“How often you wash your hair depends on a few things—how dirty does it get (i.e. do you go to the gym often), is your hair naturally oily, etc.” explains Nate Rosenkranz of Honey Artists. “You want to maintain a good amount of your hair’s natural oils as well. The dryer your texture the more oil you want to retain—and the less often should you shampoo.”

For those who feel like suds are the only answer, try a dry shampoo instead. “ If you have oily hair you can use dry shampoo no matter your texture,” adds Rosenkranz. “However, keep the can at least a foot away from the scalp. It is best used at a distance!”


Stop Fighting Fine Strands

Hair that keeps falling flat can be fixed by switching the products you use to lightweight versions,” explains Judy McGuiness, senior stylist at mizu New York salon. “Use shampoo and conditioner for volume plus root lifting sprays.  The cut and color you have can help as well since layers help to get volume and sometimes ‘roughing up’ the hair by lightening it with highlights or all over color.”


Don’t Settle for Crunchy Hair

“The best way to avoid that stiff, sticky feel is to use the right product,” shares Penny. “Look for a styler for wet hair which will add body and hold for your blow dry. Oribe’s Imperial Blowout achieves this while feeling weightless in the hair. If that’s not enough for you, Oribe’s Thick Dry Spray gives a blowout the volume and texture you want including some hold without the stiffness.”


Go Easy on Product

“Products can seem intimidating and it may take some experimenting to figure out what works best for you,” clarifies Torres. “A rule of thumb I go by is that you can always add more, but you can’t take it away! Start with a dime-size in the palm of your hand—remember you can always add more if needed.”


Sleep Tight

“Silk pillow cases are great because they cause less friction then cotton leaving your hair less frizzy,” explains Rosenkranz.

You can also ensure your beauty rest does double-duty thanks to a few tricks from McGuiness. “The best  way to sleep on your hair depends on how you’d like it to look in the morning, for wavy hair, try sleeping on a few small buns,” she says. “For sleeker hair, wrap a large headband around your head and sleep on it loose!”


Hold Off on The Heat

“Hot tools can make hair look more polished and make a style last longer—but consider the heat level,” warns Torres. “Most people feel the hotter settings equals better results, but some irons go up to 450 degrees. That level of heat can do a lot of damage to your hair. Start off low then see how much heat your really need to get the job done. Always use a heat protectant product, too!”


Hit Refresh

“Flip your head upside down and use your fingers to massage the roots for about 30 seconds,” shares Penny. “This will bring back that body at the root. To reinvigorate your waves and add shine, use Oribe’s Apres Beach spray to add definition and texture.”