I wrote in this blog last year, and I do still think, that an engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton won’t be happening this year. Even the Daily Mail, which is one of the papers that fed the engagement speculation, now calls it “the engagement that never was“. The article cites the following reasons that the two won’t be marrying soon:

* Prince William himself has said to his family that he’s not getting married for “at least two years”. He has a busy year ahead of him and wants to focus on his Army career.

* Kate wants to pursue her own career and enjoy life as a young single woman for a period of time.

* 2007 is a busy year for the British royals, with the memorial concert for Princess Diana and The Queen and Prince Phillip’s diamond wedding anniversary in November.

* Prince William’s own determination to do things his own way, particularly with regard to his relationship to Ms Middleton.

Some of these factors I cited myself, so I certainly agree with this assessment.

But someone connected with the British royals may get a blue sapphire engagement ring soon.

According to this news release from the Natural Sapphire Company, the company was contacted early this month by a “gentleman from the United Kingdom” who asked about an extremely fine blue sapphire fit for “a royal engagement”.

The caller specifically enquired about having a mounting made in the ‘Princess Diana engagement ring design.’ Pictures of the late princess’ ring were faxed from a blocked number in the UK. The fax included specific details of the sapphire engagement ring Princess Diana received.

No official transaction transpired, but wire payment instructions were requested and a 6.02ct antique cushion cut blue sapphire was put on hold.

When questioned if the recipient would be of ‘royal descent’ the caller insisted that it would be a potentially very important ring in England.

An important point to take note of: Princess Diana’s engagement ring had an 18-carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The design has since been copied all over the world.

Here’s are photos of the sapphire of interest:

blue sapphire

blue sapphire 2

blue sapphire 3

And you can even look at it from all angles through this video.

This particular stone is described on the company’s website as being a rare sapphire of the natural blue variety. It weighs 6.02 carats and measures 10.49mm x 10.03mm x 6.51mm. Also according to the site, the gem is currently “out on memo” which means that a prospective client has it for review.

Could it be that this sapphire is in the U.K. right now and is the future engagement gemstone of a royal bride? If so, who?

The choices are:

* Prince William and Kate Middleton

* Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

* Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

Guess away, merry royal-watchers! ;)

via PRNewsWire

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