OK, so Homer Simpson himself won’t be on the show. No, the voice of Homer — Dan Castellaneta — is going to play the pilot on that OMG-can’t-wait plane crash episode, TV Guide is reporting. Apparently, Dan’s character gets into “a series of mishaps” involving his naggy wife (played by Caroline Aaron) before crashing into Christmas trees. And, as we know…someone (or more than one someone) is going to die. My money’s still on Lynette’s twins (the ones in her uterus, not the Baby Matt Damons).

Homer’s not the only one coming to “Desperate Housewives.”


Yes, Lyndsy Fonseca — who played Katherine’s daughter Dylan — will be making a return. Few more details are known, but how is THAT going to shake up things? The whole Mike-Katherine-Susan situation is going to get a whole more interesting once Dylan comes back around….

Image: Bauer Griffin