It is no exageration to say that without the pioneering efforts of Julia Friedman, the world would never know about Vaginal Tattoos. Somewhere in Williamsburg, a little hipster girl owes you a debt, Julia. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, sort of hates you, but no matter Julia, no matter the fat angry jealous haters.

Julia has seriously been an amazing, excellent intern, and we’re sorry to see her go. We hope that even as she returns to “college” (her life as an international redheaded spy) she’ll continue to hang out with us in cyberspace. Today, we look back at some of her greatest hits:

How To Dress Like A Ballerina In Real Life

Thoughts On Having Red Hair

Know Your Patterns: Plaid vs. Argyle

Gallery: Photoshoots I Don’t Want To Be In

And of course….

Yet Another Way To Decorate Your Vagina: Va-Ttooing