Michael Woodsmall has made his name known around these here parts. That’s good. Because he values his name. Oh, he values it. He would slap it on you right now if he could. And perhaps one day, when you’re out at a bar with Jen Dziura she will turn to you and say “that stupid guy, what a Woodsmall.” And you will laugh.

But I won’t laugh.

Because seriously, I really enjoyed having intern Michael around the office. I loved the way he did all the heavy lifting for us. I loved how wildly enthusiastically he complimented us on posts. And how, despite being a chauvinistic conservative, he really loved the site. And most of all, I loved that whenever we said “wow, Michael, that’s a really douche-y opinion you have, go write a post about it, it will get lots of comments” he did so. With enthusiasm. Each time believing that maybe people would agree with him. Kids today.

Here are some of those legendary posts:

How Not To Hit On Guys

Why I’d Be Offended If A Woman Didn’t Take My Last Name

Why I Hate Everyone Who Likes Bret Easton Ellis

Michael, we’re not going to say goodbye, because, despite returning to college, I hope you’ll continue to write for us. So instead of goodbye, we’ll just say that we hope all the women in your life drink apple martinis and can’t drive a car.