Could you possibly be one of the historical heirs to the throne of England? Can you trace your lineage back to an ancestor who had a claim to the crown?The royal families we know today are royalty due to twists in events hundreds of years ago. For example:

Edgar Aetheling was named heir apparent by his great-uncle King Edward the Confessor but was not crowned when the King died in 1066 because he was too young. Harold II was crowned instead.

William the Conqueror crossed over from Normandy, defeating Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The teenage Aetheling later submitted to William.

If you believe you are descended from one of those who “would have been”, you can file your claim with its supporting documents at the English Heritage website. You won’t gain sudden royal status, of course. It’s just part of historical research, but interesting nonetheless.

via Reuters; Image: English Heritage

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