royal-photos-follow-links Photos have emerged of Prince William and his steady girlfriend Kate Middleton kissing and cuddling in public. Considering the low profile that the two have kept in recent months, these photos are generating some serious buzz among royal-watchers.

The photos were taken when Prince William and Kate stepped outside the pub called The Potting Shed, a popular watering hole among polo players. Though the shots don’t show the couple’s faces, it is pretty clear that they are very much into each other. As an onlooker reportedly said, “The spark is clearly still there.”

Now, surely, the whispers that the two have drifted apart and simply stay together out of habit would be laid to rest? Of course, on the other end of that spectrum are the speculations that, based on such a display of affection, they will get married next month! (Not that I’m saying they will, mind you).

I like to believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton know what they’re doing. They’re old enough to be able to plan for themselves, and consider what they both want out of their relationship. Clearly, they have a strong bond, and I’m glad to see that they continue to have the spark for each other.