Would you like to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about all of the TV boyfriends Taylor Swift has pretended to date (and subsequently written mean songs about) as you burn candles and put a voodoo curse on her because you are jealous? Look no further than this Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends Prayer Candle, which I discovered because I saw my pal Julie Gerstein of The Frisky freaking out about it earlier today on Facebook.

Via Etsy:

Taylor Swift has dated all of the world’s pretend boyfriends and now it’s time for her to watch those relationships burn.

This glass-encased pillar candle shows off all the faces of Taylor’s latest loves, from the handsome to the similarly named to the Kennedy, atop the quote, “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine,” from one of those songs she wrote about some 14-year-old she got frozen yogurt with one time in Cape Cod.

As you can see, the candle features such fine TaySwift exes as Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and Taylor Lautner arrayed in a handsome arc around Ms. Swift, who is making her infamous “Taylor face.” What you decide to do with your candle is up to you, but I think it would best be utilized to give your face an eerie glow as you write lots of mean kiss-off songs about all the people who’ve wronged you. It would probably also look nice in your bathroom.