Look, I just thought you guys should know.

The next time you use Airbnb to sublet your apartment when you’re out of town, just remember to ask if whoever is renting will be using it as a brothel for a few weeks. I mean, also ask them if they’re a meth user, but incorporate “enterprising brothel owner” into your questions if that would trouble you. Or people will run a brothel out of your home, and you will only find out about it via police note upon your return. According to The Kernel:

The note, left by Stockholm County Police, was discovered in among the roommates’ mail when they returned from their four-week holiday. It revealed that police had raided the apartment the previous evening, Saturday 11 August, and caught two call girls in flagrante delicto with clients.

The prostitutes were from Dublin, and had been under police surveillance since arriving in Sweden. They were described by one of the apartment owners as: “looking very high class, with business suits… it was strange that they would rent an apartment when they clearly could afford a hotel”.

Why would they rent an apartment? Because sometimes traveling sex workers want the comfort of home and don’t want to pay $10 for a Snicker’s from the mini-bar! Sometimes because of that. Regardless, the most shocking thing about this may be the fact that it doesn’t happen more often. Mostly, I am just concerned about whether the prostitutes cleaned up and left fresh flowers for the homeowners afterwards. They did, right? As long as they did that, I feel like it’s cool.

Pic via TheKernel