A brand new series premieres this Tuesday called Chasing with Steve Aoki. Featuring the musician himself, the show will feature three teams of Aoki-fans fighting against each other in challenges like no other reality show has done before. Challenges are inspired by Steve Aoki’s crazy superstar-lifestyle and cool music, so you can bet things are gonna get extreme and messy!  The ultimate prize: getting to hang out with DJ Steve Aoki himself, of course!

It sounds super exciting and hilarious. In addition to being a talented DJ and producer, Aoki is also a funny guy to watch and seems awesome to hang out with. This means the competition’s probably going to be pretty fierce!

Check out the preview and be sure to like Chasing on Facebook. But most importantly, tune in to Facebook.com/ChasingSeries, Tuesday 10/23 for the premiere!

[youtube_iframe id=”W4mC3Srop-8″]

Follow the Clues. Complete the Challenges. Find the DJ. The Ultimate Music Adventure Starts Here!”