This holiday season, eat your vittles off of everyone’s favorite pal, an octopus!

Look at this fucking octopus table. It’s made out of bronze except for the eyes, which are hand blown glass. It weighs 500 lbs and is truly a thing of beauty to behold. This wondrous object was made by a sculptor named Isaac Krauss in collaboration with welder Alex Friend, and put together, they spent about 1500(!) hours on it.

Via Deviantart:

This is the finished bronze octopus, modeled off the blue ring octopus, my friend (Isaac Krauss) and I worked on. He came up with the concept and sculpted the body of the octopus and I came in to help with the wax work and welding. The glass tabletop sits level on top of the legs. Welding the legs to hold the glass tabletop was a very rewarding and challenging process. I’ve certainly improved my TIG welding skills a lot because of my work on this octopus. An interesting thing about this sculpture is that the eyes are hand blown glass. In all the table weighs about 500 lbs which means we have put about $5,000 into building it. We estimate that we put around 1500 man hours into this project. If you are curious the table is still for sale.

That’s right, for just a metric fuckton of money, this octo-table could be yours forever. Friend clarified in the comments section that for a private buyer, it would cost around $25,000, but it would be cheaper for a restaurant or museum that would show it off to lots of people. This does not seem overly greedy to me, because if you factor in a wage of $10/hour, that’s $15,000 right there. Plus, they put $5,000 into building it. So really, they’re only taking a profit of $5,000 off the top. It’s a steal.

(Via Laughing Squid)