We recently held a contest here on The Gloss, where four lucky readers scored American Express giftcards. We asked readers to send us their most ridiculous Black Friday stories, and here are the four we chose.

Melissa V: My mom and I went X-mas shopping one black friday when I was really young. She had me trying on a million different clothes, and I was so excited. Around noon, I started feeling kind of off…which rapidly escalated to feeling really gross. I had a headache and a serious itch. We lifted up my shirt and discovered I had developed a bad skin reaction to some of the dies in the clothes! Ho ho horrible.

Jennie L: The woman in front of me in line at Walmart was in labor and didn’t leave the line until she checked her stuff out.

Sarah H: Starbucks put whole milk instead of soy in my chai, and because I am lactose intolerant, ten minutes later I was throwing up in a Target bathroom. Then I was subsequently yelled at by the bathroom attendant. Ah, the magic of Christmas.

Carey G: When I was about 20, my crazy as hell aunt and uncle came to town for Thanksgiving. They had 3 kids – 8 year old twins and their 7 year old brother. On Black Friday, my aunt handed me this huge wad of stripper money (ones and fives) which amounted to a couple of hundred dollars and told me to take them to the mall for toys and McDonalds. Mall on Black Friday with three kids all under 10 who were accustomed to getting whatever they screamed loudest for = hell. I wanted to tie them to each other or to a bench in the food court and spent the whole trip wondering how I would tell my aunt and uncle I lost one or more of them.