ASP- The World Surf League Cocktail Party

Like most members of my generation, the first thing I do upon waking is roll over, nuzzle up to the laptop that spent the night in the crook of my arms, and give it little loving kisses while I browse my social media sites. This morning, the first thing that caught my eye was the news that George W. Bush completed the Ice Bucket Challenge… and tagged Bill Clinton. After I made a few notes for my new buddy comedy screenplay about two former presidents who chill together and play a lot of Guitar Hero, I decided that the whole Ice Bucket thing was officially over. No one was going to beat that. That’s what I thought, at least, before I saw that Anna Wintour has done it now. ANNA WINTOUR.

If you’re not on my creep level and you haven’t wasted full days internet stalking the editor-in-chief of Vogue, you probably still know Anna from Meryl Streep‘s character in The Devil Wears Prada, who’s not-so-subtly based on the fashion HBIC. You don’t even need to see the whole movie to understand how outrageous it is to imagine that woman with icy cold water dripping down her meticulous bob and designer duds. It’s real, though! And she still didn’t take off her signature sunglasses!

The Devil Wears Prade (2006)

The Devil Wears Prade (2006)

Sitting on a bench with seven of her family members, Anna says (in her somewhat terrifying voice), “I, Anna Wintour, with my family, accept my daughter Bee’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and I nominate Roger Federer, Dominic West, and family. Roger and Dominic, you have 24 hours.” Before she finishes getting out the last word, she’s drenched and reduced to shocked giggles. It’s adorable, strange, and worth watching. (I also sincerely hope that some of that Vogue money was sent off to the cause, since she didn’t mention how much she was donating in the video.)

So who’s next? Who can beat two former presidents and a notoriously dignified fashion icon? Can we officially call this thing over?

Via Us Weekly / Photo: Getty Images