jlo snapchat

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Using Snapchat is easy: take a photo or a video, add a caption or an emoji, and fire it off to your friends. Using Snapchat well is an art form, and it’s one that takes a lot of work to perfect. And by “a lot of work,” what I really mean is “a little self awareness.”

The following are 11 signs that you are the Snapchat friend everyone hates to have.

1. Your snaps are always super blurry. I can’t tell if that’s a cat or a pile of pubic hair, and quite frankly, I don’t care.

2. You’re a serial Snapchatter. Sending two or three snaps a day? Cool. Sending 32 in an afternoon? Not cool.

3. You like to send your friends photos of your significant other sleeping. Unless you’re Snapchatting your partner’s mom, you can assume that no one enjoyed receiving that picture. 

4. You narrate your Snapchat videos with phrases like “major key” and “bless up”, but you are not DJ Khaled. 

5. You’re a humblebragger. “Was just told I look like Kendall Jenner. #LOL!”

6. You Snapchat every single move your kid makes. A lot of my friends have babies, and I love seeing their cute little faces… Once or twice a day. Once or twice an hour? Not so much.

7. You take pictures of the presents your partner bought you for your birthday with captions like, “I’m SUCH a lucky girl!” 

8. You regularly send snaps from loud concerts or parties. All we can hear is screaming, and all we can see is… Well, some jerky movements, a flash of light… A glow stick, maybe?

9. You send a picture of every meal you eat to your friends. #Vegan #CleanEats #FitFam #WhyAreYouUsingHashtagsOnSnapchat?

10.  You like to show how “crazy” and “random” you are by taking selfies with your eyes crossed or your tongue sticking out.

11.  You send out vague and attention-seeking snaps. “Worst day ever. So sick of this shit.” Uh, yeah, so are we!