Plus sized? Or know someone plus sized? Yeah, American Apparel is definitely not interested in outfitting them. Curvaceous adult star April Flores recently asked a sales rep whether they ever considered marketing to women her size and was told “they’re not our target demographic.” Presumably because they’re not glass table yoga enthusiasts. My Unacceptable Body picked up the information and responded:

I am in my early 20’s. I will wear stupid pants. So will just about everyone else who is my age. Stupid pants are an important part of human development. By not catering to the enormous market of plus-sized/fat/whatever young people, American Apparel, the INDUSTRY LEADER in stupid pants (not to mention stupid shirts, stupid shorts and stupid nipple-baring leotard things) is missing out on a lot of money.

What irks me more than their hard-headed stupidity, however, is this insistence that fat people are not “part of their demographic.” What does that even mean? That fat people can’t be hipsters? Trust me, fat people are just as capable of being vapid, superficial and pretentious as any thin person.

I mean, look, it’s any retail outlet’s decision who they’re going to market to. And sometimes new designers just can’t do plus sized clothing (or, for that matter, petites). And that’s okay – though usually it’s for reasons other than “we think far people don’t deserve to wear our jeggings.” But this seems like an extra stupid policy when your company is going broke, and you could really use some new business.