Nerina Orton, 22, is making headlines today because of her teeny, tiny waist. The young British woman has gotten her midsection down to a mere 15.7 inches, according to The Sun, thanks to excessive and nearly constant corset-wearing. She wears the garments for up to 23 hours a day.

Other than her waist, Orton’s figure is reasonably normal. She’s on the thin side, but as you can see in the following video, her waist simply cuts directly in beneath her ribs and above her hips (you know…where waists are).

I suppose that at the end of the day, my feeling about this is to each her own. Far be it for me to determine that a lady shouldn’t pinch her midsection in to the point of potential organ damage (the Sun reports that Orton has to get her spine checked regularly in order to make sure that it’s still properly aligned and HuffPo notes that her internal organs have “shifted around”).

But, I’d be lying a little bit if I said that this particular body modification didn’t raise my lady-hackles just a bit. Orton says that she’s “used to being the center of attention,” and that the corsets are “a great way for a skinny girl to get some hips.” But is it a great thing if you might be seriously injuring yourself? Is a damaged spine worth appealing measurements?

Here’s a video of Orton. How do you feel about her endeavor?

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