This morning, a fake tweet was posted to seem like Entertainment Tonight declaring that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, fake tweets by Kanye, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj (the Minaj one seems particularly pessimistic) appeared to support this claim. The Internet frequently circulates rumors about celebrities dying, getting injured, banging, flying kites… whatever. What happened next, however, was more surprising.

In response to Justin Bieber “having cancer,” some Justin Bieber fans apparently went along with the #baldforbieber idea and shaved their heads to support him, though he actually fine.

As much as I wanna laugh about this, I also sort of want to cry because it’s very, very sad. I think it’s rad when friends and loved ones show support for a cancer patient, so while I don’t think I’d ever shave my head in support of a celebrity, I can see why this would be somehow rational to a 13-year-old who’s obsessed with a favorite performer. But the fact is that they were totally duped by a false rumor–which they definitely should’ve confirmed on a reliable media outlet or even his website, for goodness’ sake–and now, they have no hair.

But who knows? Some people figure out they love having short hair, so maybe these girls will gain some confidence from that. Or maybe I’m just being entirely too optimistic. Either way, the moral of  the story: don’t trust the Internet. IT WILL TRICK YOU. Oh, and never listen to anything Chris Brown, real or fake, tells you to do.

[via TheDailyWhat]

Pic via CarltonJordan.