Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. #AwkwardPromStories

As a 16-year-old, I was very misled by movies when it came to prom. Prom night is fun, but when you get down to it, it is pretty awkward (like all of high school). Remember how awesome it was that your date was so tall, his arms gave you a “hey pal” shoulder hug in all of your pictures? Only me? Well, thanks to the magic of Twitter and #awkwardpromstory, Jimmy Fallon has rounded up a few awkward prom goodies in all their 140-character glory. At least you didn’t find your mom’s vintage condoms at prom (or maybe you did and, in which case, you aren’t alone).


[youtube_iframe id=”Yius0ygkh2w”]

2. Springfield Abbey, Anyone?

I’m a big fan of the pop culture mash-up (proof: Tuesday’s videos), and when you take the early twentieth century fancy-pants world of Downton Abbey and combine it with the animated-since-the-80s world of The Simpsons, you get this clever short. I would like to live in a world where a Mr. Carson type makes sure to serve me a donut with tongs each morning. A girl can dream. (via Slate)


3. Let’s Hate Everything With Vigor!

You know how people who hate sports really hate sports? Well, CollegeHumor noticed that too. What if everyone hated all kinds of things with a similar approach and passion? As this video has proved to me, I would actually love it. Listening to other people explain their irrational hate on more topics would allow me to do a lot more eye-rolling. That is a personal win for me.


[vimeo video=”66223563″]

4. The Sweet Strums Of The Game Of Thrones Theme

Confession: I have never watched Game of Thrones (I know, I know – why do I even bother breathing?). ANYWAY, I am a sucker for a solid theme song so on the off chance you have ever said, “Wow, I wish I could watch someone perform the GoT theme live!” well then it’s a good thing I’m still kicking, because that I can provide for you. (via HuffPost)


[youtube_iframe id=”0QmKHfYfovk”]

5. How To Open A Beer (Use Caution)

It’s Friday, so what more appropriate day than to think about drinking? Well, maybe Saturday, but regardless, the weekend is upon us and celebrations are to be had. The individuals in this beer opening supercut know where I am coming from. That said, it’s troubling how much of this is occurring while operating dangerous and giant machinery. I think a regular opener will do the trick. In any case, have a fabulous, boozy weekend.

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