The Bachelor

It’s been four months since the taping of this season of The Bachelor wrapped.

And on Friday night in a studio in Hollywood, Sean Lowe and 18 of his (rejected) women reunited to tape The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode, airing March 4 on ABC (8 p.m.).

“We should be out in 8 to 10 hours, if we’re lucky,” joked host Chris Harrison to the studio audience.

“Chris Harrison sleeps on a bed of human skin.”

“I felt like Courtney was holding something back in the Rose-and-Razor Maze.”

“I guess my question is, was Kacie really here for Ben? Or was she here to find the treasure that season four contestants buried underneath the secret sex mansion? No, the other sex mansion. The secret one.”

“Ben didn’t seem familiar with pretty basic cultural concepts. He claimed not to know what a comma was. He once asked me what a fork was while we were riding horses on the beach at sunset, then started laughing uncontrollably for hours. I couldn’t get him to stop. He kept making little stabby…fork motions, I guess…with his hand. And laughing. Always laughing. But his eyes looked terrified.”

“Nikki brought her own food with her and refused to eat from craft services the entire time. She claimed it was because she was worried about being poisoned by a jealous rival, but I think she has a gluten allergy.”

“Blakely is a Fire Elemental.”

“It felt like Shawntel had a lot of trouble controlling her emotions. Like, one morning I told her I liked the color top she had on, and she just turned into a crow and flew away.”

[Image via Wenn]