beard beer

“Moist” is no longer in the running for the grossest word in the English language. The grossest thing in the English language is actually a phrase, and that phrase is “beard yeast.”

Apparently yeast can grow in beards, which makes one’s next hipster snuggle session seem slightly less appealing today. And if you’ve got a dude with a beard full of yeast, what else are you going to do but make beer out of it?

Rogue Ales brewmaster John Maier of Portland discovered the yeast by accident. The company was sending out samples from the brewery’s home-grown hops to see if they could produce a brewing yeast from their own fields. None of them worked, so as a joke Maier mailed the lab some hair from his beard, which he’d been growing since 1978.

And, well, the lab guys found yeast in there. We’ll pause while you shudder.

So the company took Maier’s wild beard yeast and set to work making a beer out of it. It took about a year but they’ve finally got one, and it’s available now.

“No need to freak out,” Rogue Ales says, “brewers have used wild yeasts in beer making for centuries. John has had the same Old Growth Beard since 1983 and for over 15,000 brews, so it is no great surprise that a natural yeast ideal for brewing was discovered in his beard.”

Aside from a slight squick factor about drinking something grown from an organism found in a dude’s beard, there’s actually nothing wrong with the beer. The Daily Meal’s Jessica Chou says Beard Beer is a “sweet, distinct ale.” It’s $6.75 a bottle online, and there won’t be any floating hairs in it or anything.

Via The Daily Meal