If you asked the average Internet user what thing they see most online, you would likely receive one of two answers: “cats” or “GIFs.” In fact, they may say “cat GIFs,” because that is an entire realm of the Internet in and of itself.

I realize I mention this approximately once a week, but I love cats very, very much. Tomorrow through Monday, I’ll be volunteering a few hours a day with 20+ cats and I’ll be honest, I am 100% positive I am way more excited to hang out with them than they are to hang out with me. And of course, I also love GIFs. They’re the perfect way to tell a story utilizing tiny clips of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (and therefore give Will Smith his only use left), to watch Meryl Streep and Pharrell and Lupita dance like 10 times without any effort or shame, and to see how hot Kit Harington is.

To combine these interests, my favorite GIF ever is the typing cat above. And this Tina Belcher one is a close second, because it reps my love life hard:

So, given last week’s menstrual bummer open thread, it’s time for something else: SHOW US YOUR FAVORITE GIF!

P.S. If you’re not sure how to do this, just right click the image you want to post, press “Copy Image URL,” then paste it into a comment. :)