Modern Seinfeld

Do not lie, this all happened in your friend group just last week.

Growing up, I watched a whole lot of “Seinfeld.” I thought the characters’ lives were what mine would be once I got older, moved to a big city and grew my hair out to look like Elaine and/or Jerry’s. Constant witty banter between four friends who meet at a diner each day and sit at the same table? I assumed that was what “being an adult” was like (thanks, TV!). However, due to the incredible changes in technology, the Internet and our lifestyles in the last ten years, this ideal is going to look a little different. There are rarely cases of mistaken identity because we can just look each other’s faces up on Google, nor hilarious accounts of getting lost because we can just use our smartphones to GPS our asses out. So enters Modern Seinfeld, my new favorite Twitter.

Barely two days old, this little Twitter already has over 100,000 followers, most of whom probably fall within the odd middle section of people who were too young to completely relate to “Seinfeld” while it was still on, but are old enough to feel nostalgic about it. The comedian behind the account, Jack Moore (who’s also the editor of Buzzfeed Sports), said he thought of the idea when a friend asked, “What if ‘Seinfeld’ was still on the air?”

“So much of comedy these days depends on the Internet, and I think Jerry Seinfeld (the character) would have a difficult time building an audience online,” said Moore. ”And his struggles would form some very funny plot lines, in addition to his reactions to all the material he’d find on the Internet.”

And indeed they do. With plot elements like Instagram, sex diaries and Craigslist, the Internet was practically made for the cast of “Seinfeld” to use and mess up spectacularly.

Photo: Twitter[ITPGallery]