Image via Monsato website

I want to be touched by this story — I really do. An in some ways I am. There’s a contest going on in the middle of the country to determine who should be America’s Farm Mom of the Year. The winner gets $5,000.

Contestants include Erika Forsbach, a mom from Tennessee who apparently “knows what it means to take a gamble in the river bottom” (a phrase that I don’t even know the meaning of); Carol Cowan from Oklahoma, who “wears many hats” (I love hats); Sue Roohr of New Jersey, who was nominated by her 32-year-old son (I just cried); Caroline Lulz, who harvests hay, irrigates the farm, mends fences and raised her daughters to do sports and rodeo; and Cheryl Day, who was nominated by her daughter: “She’s demonstrated to me that it’s possible to achieve success in a stereotypical agricultural community through hard work and perseverance.”

These women all sound badass, and they deserve respect and recognition. I just wish it wasn’t coming from the Monsanto Company, which is knee-deep in lawsuits, exposes and general malfeasance.

Nevertheless, the mom’s stories, much like reality TV, make me cry and tug at my heartstrings and briefly make me consider finding Jesus. So I’m rooting for them, and their farms, and maybe their ability to turn on Monsanto at the end of the competition. Twist!