The Internet had a busy 24 hours yesterday: the tweet above, posted by freshly re-elected President Barack Obama, is now the most re-tweeted one of all time, and over 20 million other election-related tweets were fired off. At a time when our generation is frequently labeled apathetic and told we don’t care enough, it is reassuring to know so many people gave a damn about what’s going on around them.

Last night, I watched the election updates on television with my dad until after Obama’s speech. We flipped back and forth between Fox News and CNN, which showed a pretty clear dichotomy on coverage methods (for example, Fox tuned out the happy music playing right before Obama came onstage). Eventually, I wound up just going on the Internet to check out what people not wearing suits and standing in front of repetitive graphs were discussing.

There were quite a few fantastic tweets, of course. Some by celebrities, some by politicians, some by just plain awesome people. My personal favorite:

Bam. Legitimate enough for you, Akin?

All pics via Twitter.