In a world full of things that make me angry and confused, it’s nice to be reminded of good things once in a while. Good things like Michelle Obama, and Beyoncé‘s intense love for her!

In a letter written in what she has successfully convinced us is her own hand (and not a font modeled after it) and posted to her new website, Beyoncé praises the first lady of the US for being such a great role model:

I would have included a bit more about Michelle Obama’s career accomplishments–Princeton, Harvard Law School, and a successful career with University of Chicago hospitals is nothing to sneeze at–but that’s just me being nitpicky. All of the things in the letter are true, and it’s nice to see a woman getting attention for something other than having a nice ass or getting fake married or basically, wanting attention. It would seem Beyoncé is hell-bent on using her new blog to spread positivity even as she uses it to self-promote, and for that, I commend her.

(Via Styleite)