Dear Beyonce,

Listen, I know that people have been giving you shit for your “Beyonce + Michelle = Besties Forever!” public displays of adoration for the First Lady. I admit, you two got pretty lovey dovey for a while there. And now, you’ve written another Tumblr love letter. This time, it’s to Olympic Gold Medalist and media darling Gabby Douglas. As if the girl isn’t getting enough attention right now, I’m just saying.

It looks a little like this, just in case you’ve forgotten about the thing you posted on your site today. (Don’t worry, I do that too sometimes.)

Now, people might start giving you a little more grief for posting yet another piece of fan correspondence on your website. I’m sure plenty of talented ladies out there are jealous and wondering when they’ll get their own private message. (It’s Lindsay with an “a” just in case I’m next on your list.) Writers will wonder if you’ve lost your stationary, or maybe you just keep forgetting to get stamps. We all do that sometimes.

Beyonce, I just want to let you know that no matter what anyone else says, I find your Tumblr love letters sweet. It’s nice to see strong, successful women supporting one another, encouraging one another. It’s nice to see you reach out and say thank you, or good job, every once in a while.

Some might ask why you can’t do so privately, and I guess that’s a fair question. But I think it’s as simple as showing that you’re a fan of something. It’s the way a normal person clicks “Like” on a Facebook page. You’re just letting your fangirl flag fly. And it’s nice to see that you can still be a fangirl, even when you have millions of fans yourself.

Beyonce, I think your letters to successful women are great. I hope you keep sharing them. I hope you keep reminding women how nice it is to show our support and appreciation for each other every once in a while. I hope you keep that itty bitty fangirl in you, so that you can remember what it’s like from the other side.

More than anything, don’t let the pessimists tell you that it’s corny or predictable or pointless. Just keep it up. Keep telling those who inspire you how you feel. I think it’s sweet. And I’ll find it even sweeter if your next letter is addressed to Lindsay Cross, with an “a”.



(Photo: WENN)