DIY birdcage

So, a friend gave me a birdcage, probably because I said “I want a birdcage.” And I did. Because, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the novella, not the movie, Holly got Paul a birdcage, and it was charming. I’m not sure how I felt like that meant I also needed a birdcage, but I kept thinking of that, while randomly flinging off desires like “give me chocolate! Fetch me a birdcage! Punch a guy on the way to work!”

No, no, that is not really how it happened. This birdcage was in someone’s possession and they did not want it. Now I have it. It’s lovely! But what do I do with it?

I’m not going to get a bird. In case you were wondering.

Ashley suggested I put a light inside it, but then she told me I probably wasn’t handy enough. Ashley is a blobby.

I considered putting some sea monkeys in it, or maybe stuffed animals. I know a plant is the obvious choice, but it might be tough to always take it in and out to water it? What about a picture of Alfred Hitchcock? Right now, I’m not even sure how to go about hanging it from my ceiling, though, so I’ll take absolutely any ideas you’ve got.

Are you crafty? What would a crafty person do with a birdcage? I’m thinking of putting stuffed animals in their and making them all look like they’re desperately trying to escape, but I’m afraid my apartment is getting weird.

Seriously, it’s really lovely, and I want to do something cool with it.