If your boyfriend is a MacBook user and an audiophile, he might get a kick out of these portable subwoofer for Apple MacBooks!

You know, I have to say, the laptop line of Apple has pretty decent built-in speakers. But they do lack a little bit of oomph when it comes to playing bass-based songs. In terms of clarity, the sound quality is pretty darn good, though. Music and sounds don’t come out sound like it’s coming from a tin can.

The BassJump is a portable subwoofer for MacBooks that can help in enhancing your bass experience. It’s very easy to use, pretty much plug and play with a single USB cable. The USB cable is used to power the BassJump so there’s no need for an extra outlet and very portable, too. It also comes with its own software.

If you’re wondering whether this subwoofer can be used for MacBook Pros, I’m not entirely sure since it specifically says it’s made for just MacBooks. If any MacBook Pro user gets to try it out, let me know!

You know, speaking of excellent bass sound quality, I miss the Hi-Fi.

Price: $79.99
Where to buy: TwelveSouth

[ Image courtesy of Twelve South ]

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