CNN has some news today that you simply cannot afford to miss. The international news outlet reports that fans of the movie “Anchorman” loved the 2004 film so much that many would still like to see a sequel made.

Will it be made? Stop asking pesky questions! We don’t know! What we do know, though, is that people really like that movie, and there’s this thing called The Internet, and some people use The Internet to forward their personal agendas, and some people’s personal agenda is to professionally love “Anchorman” and try to see if they can influence filmmakers to develop an “Anchorman 2.”


Why are you looking at me like that?

What, you want more news? Like, news about something that’s actually happening? Or news that doesn’t rely on a six-year-old movie with a fanbase that has been around for equally as long?

What are you, my dad?! Nothing’s ever good enough, is it? Get off my case! I’m going to my room to get high…and watch “Anchorman.”