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Halloween is creeping on up on us, which means more Halloween videos making the rounds on the Internet. Mere weeks after sharing “Work Bitch” – the Britney Spears meets Breaking Bad mashup of my dreams – with you all, Britney herself is actually now starring in a new odd video, this time themed for the spooky holiday.

Brought to you by Nick Grimshaw at BBC Radio 1, “It’s Britney Witch” features Brit performing the creepy opening narration to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Unfortunately, there’s no “Thriller” dance à la 13 Going On 30 or à la me in my dorm room freshman year. That said, there is some mock broomstick-flying and a man in a werewolf mask, so I’ll take what I can get. The Princess of Pop only has so much time to make Halloween Internet videos for the world.

The whole thing is just such a bizarre bit of green screen magic. Why is she on a throne? Was I supposed to understand the pizza ordering bit in the middle? Ah, whatever. As someone who prefers to indulge in the silly parts of Halloween rather than the scary, this is a treat.

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(via Vulture)