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Have you heard Britney Spearslatest song, “Work Bitch”? It’s excellent – by which I mean it’s not very good, but I still can’t seem to stop listening to it. WELL IT HAS GOTTEN EVEN BETTER!

The YouTube channel What’s Trending has taken Jesse Pinkman, famous frequent user of the word “bitch,” and infused his presence into Britney’s music video. It’s amazing. My favorite lyric/visual match up is Brit singing “You want to live fancy?” with Jesse injecting air into his hazmat suit. The height of fancy living!

The whole thing is magic (especially if your weekend felt lonely without a new Breaking Bad episode), but the best part comes at the very end, when the most iconic lines ever uttered by Britney Spears AND Heisenberg meet each other in one perfect pop culture moment.

P.S. So much of Badger dancing. Pressing replay now.

(via The Daily Dot)