Whatever your politics, one thing that we can all no doubt agree on is that Samuel L. Jackson is the man. And somewhere along the line, Mitt Romney made Jackson very, very angry. In response, he stars in this ad telling voters to “wake the fuck up.”

In it, a little girl lies awake worrying about the havoc that Romney will wreak on the country. He won’t help the poor, doesn’t believe in gay marriage and also doesn’t believe in safety nets, she says. But her parents and older brother and sister have become apathetic, sitting around and watching TV or reading instead of getting involved to get Obama re-elected.

And so, in swoops Jackson, telling all the adults in the little girl’s life that they need to go ahead and wake up, and get as involved with the campaign as they were in 2008. And, possibly the best part? He delivers his message in a Dr. Seuss-like rhyme:

“Sorry my friends, but there’s no time to snore/An out of touch millionaire’s just declared war.”


[youtube_iframe id=”-caGkwSRjPU”]