Camilla Academy of Music

Prince Charles and Camilla attended the Academy of Music’s 150th Anniversary Concert in Philadelphia on Saturday, January 27. During the event, The Duchess of Cornwall wore this spectacular necklace of 37 rubies and hundreds of diamonds. It was the first time that the piece was worn in public.

There were initial speculations that the necklace was a royal heirloom. In fact, it was a gift to The Duchess during an official tour.

A Clarence House spokesman said the Duchess was particularly fond of the piece. ‘She was given it on an official tour. We can’t confirm by whom. When people give presents it’s on the understanding that it’s private. It’s the first time she’s worn it. Obviously it’s nice to wear it to a public event. She very much likes it.’

The jewelry was probably given on one of the royal couple’s tours last year, to Pakistan, Egypt, India and Saudi Arabia, with Saudi Arabia as the most likely place.

Whatever its origins, it is truly a stunning piece. The Duchess wore it well, matching it perfectly with her gown during the gala.

via This is London

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