Images from Chanel’s Fall 2011 eyewear campaign dropped a few days ago and they’ve stirred up a little frenzy because supermodel Claudia Schiffer looks like she always does (hot). Having become familiar with the new styles, I can’t help but say that I’m less concerned with Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime muse being beautiful and instead kind of impressed with Chanel for its clever bit of branding: the arms of the collection all feature a chain detail that looks identical to the straps of Chanel’s iconic quilted handbags, which is to say the new sunglasses covertly broadcast their manufacturer without the crassness of giant, fuck-off interlocking C’s. This has lead me to wonder about “logo-whoring” in general: has Chanel found a more subtle, tasteful way to brand? Or is the chain detail so inextricable from the image of the house that it might as well say CHANEL on the side? Either way, it looks pretty cool. And, yeah, Claudia Schiffer looks great.

Here’s a few more for you:

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)