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At the beginning of every holiday season, I always feel motivated to DIY a ton of Christmas decorations. Somewhere around December 3rd or 4th, I give up completely and resort to ordering everything online. This year, I decided to save myself the grief (and the $75 worth of craft supplies) by skipping the DIY step and heading straight to the Internet.

If you’re not the crafting type yourself, you’ll be happy to learn that buying holiday decorations online doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The following are 15 cheap and chic decorations to spruce up your home this holiday season.

Anthropologie Very Merry Mini Crackers, $20

These crackers would look great sitting in a big bowl on your coffee table.

Jen Cowan Crafts Christmas Tree Garland, $12
il_570xN.865305055_m20mI just love these sparkly little Christmas trees.

Urban Outfitters Snow Globe Picture Frame, $12

These snow globe picture frames would make a great gift for your best friend. Put your favorite picture of the two of you inside and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful (and affordable!) Christmas present.

Ines and Willow Tissue Tassel Garland, $25

This super unique banner will brighten up the entrance way to any room in your house.

Urban Outfitters Balloon Letters, $8 each
36231983_901_bCan you really call yourself a millennial if you aren’t at least a little obsessed with these metallic balloon letter ornaments?

Target Wreath, $15
wreathThere’s nothing more welcoming than a pretty wreath on a front door during the holiday season.

Urban Outfitters Tree in a Tube, $16
tree tube

If you live in a tiny apartment, chances are you have no space for a full-sized Christmas tree. You do, however, have space for a Tree in a Tube. The company has set out to “bring Christmas spirit to a small space,” and the miniature Christmas tree comes complete with tiny ornaments and presents for added authenticity.

Classic Banners Hanukkah Banner, $9

I’m a sucker for a good banner, and this two-tiered one from Classic Banners would look pretty hanging anywhere in your home.

Salty Sea Studios Mason Jar Snow Globe, $21
il_570xN.866560042_52m6How cute is this handmade snow globe?

BriElla Creations Joy Wine Bottles, $25
il_570xN.869991539_23dlWhy stop at three bottles of wine when you could spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HANUKKAH? Dream big, wine-lovers!

Bath & Body Works Iced Vanilla Woods Candle, $22.50

Bath & Body Works has so many holiday candles, but I chose this one because I love the pretty Hanukkah colors.

Target Decorative Pillow, $17.99
pillowAny fans of the classic Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation will appreciate this cute pillow from Target.

Prince Design Gold Bird Ornaments, $21

Gold and turquoise is such a pretty color combination, and I just love the detailing on those birds.

Target Holiday Berry Kissing Ball, $9

Target is calling this a “Holiday Berry Kissing Ball,” which is making me wonder if Justin Bieber put a copyright on the word “mistletoe” or something?

Whiskey and Waffles Metallic Glitter Mason Jars, $8 each

How gorgeous are these painted mason jars? Stick a couple of candy canes inside and you’ve got yourself the perfect center pieces for your coffee table.