The House Of Yes

The House Of Yes (1997)

When you’re visiting your partner’s family on Thanksgiving for the first (or second, or 16th) time, you may want to bring a gift for his or her parents. For the first time as an adult, I’m actually having my own come to Thanksgiving to meet my parents and family for the first time, which is exciting (and so nerve-wracking, but more on that next week).

As somebody whose mom doesn’t really drink and is allergic to chocolate, my partner is currently trying to determine what to get her when he joins with me to visit her and my father next week. The typical box-of-chocolates-with-matching-wine thing doesn’t quite fit, so I’m helping him determine what types of presents would be easy, unique and inexpensive (because we’re not made of money and even if we were, dropping $300 on your girlfriend’s mom is probably not at the top of everyone’s List Of Things To Do during the holiday season).

So, let’s take a look at some cool, fun and unique gifts you can get for your partner’s parents, your own parents, or even yourself if this holiday is going to be a single-lady job.

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: Arghand Soap Pebbles

Arghand Cooperative Soap Pebble Assortment

How gorgeous are these little handcrafted pebbles? They look like stones, but they’re actually beautiful soap made by farmers in Afghanistan from fruit crops and botanicals. They each take six weeks to make, so the pebble winds up with an incredibly unique, gorgeous result.

Where To Buy: The Grommet
Price: $15

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: Mixed Scent Library

Mixed Scent Library

If you’ve never been to a real perfume store–one that doesn’t just offer a crazy, stressful, headache-inducing flood of top notes like Sephora–then you need to check out Twisted Lily. They offer so many incredible scented products that are unique, lingering, beautiful and perfect for gifting. This particular mini-collection offers an introduction to Penhaligon’s, an English perfume house, and features 10 amazing scents to try.

Where To Buy: Twisted Lily
Price: $30


Herbs and Spice Collection Gift Set

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Agave Nectar & Green Tea scent by Metropolis is the best thing. Seriously, you need to try it. This gift set includes four mini soaps (including one in my favorite scent!), so it’s perfect as a versatile and sweet present for anybody.

Where To Buy: Metropolis Soap Company
Price: $20

Otto Votive Dark Rum Candle

Otto Votive and Dark Rum Votive Candles

Some candles are in ultra-fruity or floral scents so sweet, they make people a little sick–seriously, nobody likes being slapped in the face with cucumber melon. Try grabbing a pair of votives (or get them individually!) that are interesting, intriguing scents that people will find appealing to actually sit in the same room as.

Where To Buy: Malin + Goetz, Malin + Goetz
Price: $14 each

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company Enamel Shaving Gift Set

This is a fancy schmancy shaving set is packaged beautifully and would be an excellent gift for any man (especially after Movember). It supplies a year’s worth of shaving soap, which makes this a much better buy–environmentally and wallet-wise–than getting a bunch of shaving cream bottles that last a month.

Where To Buy: The Grommet
Price: $44.95

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: Mother In Law DIY Kimchi Kit

DIY Kimchi Kit

If your partner’s parents are adventurous cooks, this is an awesome option to gift. It includes Korean fish sauce, Korean chile pepper flakes, and recipes all in a jar. Plus, they may just love it (and you) enough to invite you back for homemade kimchi!

Where To Buy: Rodale’s
Price: $35

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: Give an animal

Give An Animal!

If you’re enjoying your magnificent Thanksgiving feast, how awesome would it be to know you helped somebody else enjoy fantastic sustenance, as well? Giving an animal to a family in need can provide egg, milk, wool, a sustainable livelihood and much more. Donating to this cause in the name of somebody else would be an amazing way to share the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving.

Where To Give:
Price: $10 – $5,000


SNAP!! Collection

As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with LUSH products, and their gift sets are just as fantastic as the rest of their stuff. This one features body lotion, shower gel, a bubble bar (i.e. the best, most amusing thing ever) and lots more, making it a cute and fun present to give to anybody.

Where To Buy: LUSH
Price: $45.95

Great Hostess Gifts Under $50: womens-winter-wellness-tea-3-girls-holistic-natural-organic-skin-care-300x257

Women’s Winter Wellness Tea

Winter is coming, says Ned Stark in my head literally every time I see or hear the word “winter.” But indeed, it is, and with it comes a whole lot of stress. Cut down on that for your partner’s parents by gifting this amazing tea that can help soothe, calm and relax your body–even after a day of sale seeking at the mall on December 24th.

Where To Buy: 3Girls Holistic
Price: $5 – $6.50