Do you know about this blog called My Daguerreotype Boyfriend? Because if not, you really should. Basically, it’s a compendium of all the hottest dudes who were around for the early days of photography, or as its author puts it, “WHERE EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS EXTREME HOTNESS.” It’s got famous dudes like F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as soldiers, poets, artists, etc., and it’s nice because you can project whatever hot fantasies you like onto them, provided you don’t find it creepy that they’re all dead now (except for the vampyres).

Now, this blog has produced a 2013 calendar to carry the hotness of history beyond your computer screen, and while I wish it had twelve (OR MORE) pages, it’s still a treat. boyfriend1

As you can see, it features an 1863 calendar alongside the 2013 one, in case you’d like to pretend you live in the Civil War era (why?!), and the back features several soldiers’ letters to their girlfriends:


The dream of the ’60s is alive!

These union and confederate babes can be yours for the low, low price of $12 plus tax and shipping, or $20 plus tax and shipping for two. Get ’em while they’re hott.

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