There was an awesome collaboration that took place in December between renowned photographer Nick Knight, Somerset House, i-D Magazine, and SHOWstudio.   If you were on the ball you would have been able to catch live coverage of Nick Knights shoot 100 Portraits for i-D Mag at Somerset House. Although watching the live broadcast was somewhat slow, it was really neat to see what went down during a photoshoot. Nick is a very fast acting photographer and is also a great creative director.

I watched Nick photograph Kate Moss who looked super slim and sexy with a black cropped wig. It looked so real. Unfortunately I was awaiting patiently to see Cole Mohr come into the studio but because of time differences I missed him. However, I scored these great screen shots courtesy of Somerset House! Thanks!



Not sure when this issue is hitting stands but most likely in February. Stay tuned for more details!

Also, to get a better sense of what SHOWstudio is all about check out one of their teaser videos after the jump!


Image Credit: Nick Knight courtesy of Somerset House & SHOWstudio.

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