Thinking of going a little geeky this Christmas holiday? Then this Controller Ornament Pack is perfect!

Not that I’d use these ornaments myself. My mom will never let it happen. Plus she probably won’t get what a Geek Christmas means, haha!

The Controller Ornament Pack comes in a set of seven (7) and the shapes of course are familiar to all the geeks and gamers out there. From a Wii Mote or to a more retro SNES controller, you name it you got it!

The ornaments are made of laser cute white acrylic and ships flat, so that means they don’t have any hooks or strings. That should be no problem though since it looks pretty easy to add strings to it. Each ornament is around 3-4 inches wide. Probably as big as an average person’s hand.

Price: $20
Where to buy: Etsy

[ Image courtesy of Etsy ]

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