slutI recently remodeled my kitchen and included in my redesign is a lovely white china cabinet with glass fronts that I need to fill with the most bizarre dinnerware I can find. New tableware makes me giddy, there is just something about finding one-of-a-kind items and mixing those with my everyday Crate And Barrel white dishes that makes me all too happy.  In my opinion, life is too short to eat off boring dishes, especially when you host dinner parties because not only are these total conversation starters, how amazing would it be to serve your bitchy neighbor tea from a cup that reads “Whore” on it? Granted, you may want to hide these away when your more conservative relatives visit, or if you DGAF like I am apt to do than display them proudly in your kitchen or dining area. Some of these are offensive, and some are just plain unusual, but I want them all.

I also suppose if you are a crafty type you could DIY things like this yourself after a particularly fruitful visit to your local Goodwill store , but because I am lazy and I have zero artistic skills I’d rather buy these things and be done with it. Unless any of you feel like stopping by with some vintage dishes and some food-safe enameling products.

Bitch And Whore Teacups 


Available From Trixie Delicious on Etsy.

 Bitchville Plate il_570xN.502160143_51tx


Available From Trixie Delicious On Etsy 

Sid And Nancy Portrait Plate 


From Beat Up Creations.

Salt And Pepper Shakers 



From David Shrigley.

Ceramics By Karen Ryan 


Via We Waste Time.

 Hidden Meaning Plates 


Via Cool Material.

Babydoll Plate 

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.07.18 AM


From Anthropologie.

Dirty Housewife Dishes 


From Dupenny.

(Image: Trixie Delicious)